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Party Bus

 PickYouUp 13 & 22 Seat Party Bus Gold coast and Brisbane


Whether you are on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast,  PickYouUp delivers a unique party bus hire experience that will really ‘move you’! Cheap Party Bus Hire - Best Price Best Experience At Our party bus has karaoke on board to belt out the tunes you love... PickYouUp we create a mobile party center and event venue like no other! Our state of the art party bus has luxury inward-facing seating arrangements for 13 or 22 revelers. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT IN QLD!  PickYouUp arty bus provides the best party bus atmosphere for party-goers on the Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Our party bus is fully decked out with a vinyl dance floor and a dance pole to dance the night away inside a blacked out nightclub atmosphere! We have the most creative, state of the art DJ-designed lighting with multiple LED strips and laser lighting.  

Yes, we specialize in those wild nights out but we’re also available for school formals, under-18 parties, and regular minibus hire too. Our Hens and Bucks service ensures plenty of good music and honest fun with our team of professionals ensuring everything goes to plan. We’re also more than capable of providing efficient, good value transportation whether you need an airport transport or you’re off to see the Broncos play. In fact, many of our customers combine transport to exciting sporting and music events with a stellar party bus experience afterward. Turn up to your chosen event in style, then when you get back to your bus we’ll have the lights flashing, the drinks flowing and the music pumping. Let us show you what Queensland buses are all about!

Climb aboard the Gold Coast Party Bus – Are you wondering what the best pub crawl in the world looks like? How about the hottest night clubs south of the equator? Or an all-night-long party that just doesn’t stop? Whatever kind of party you’re looking for, it’s all yours.  Gold Coast Party Bus. Since getting into the party business several years ago, we’ve developed a reputation for delivering the coolest, most fast-paced parties the city has to offer.

Getting through an all-nighter often involves two hiccups. The first is the lull that happens between venues. You know what we’re talking about – waiting for buses, trains, and taxis, trekking on high heels from one side of the city to the other, and queueing outside clubs. The second is the fact that drinking without stressing means no driving.

But when you hire a Gold Coast Party Bus with us, there are no breaks in the action. We get you and your friends from place to place smoothly and, with our reliable driver behind the wheel, you don’t have to think about driving or public transport. Because there’s always a party happening on board – every minute.

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